• Summer Berry & Lime

    The perfect blend for your summer cocktail or G&T and an introduction to Strawberry and Raspberry across our flavour range.
    The colour and taste combinations, created by the sweetness of Strawberry & Raspberry, offset with the classic bitter lime, are perfectly matched to enhance the fresh vibrancy of life in your drink that summer brings.
  • The perfect blend as garnish for your festive spiced gin or mulled wine / cider.  Cinnamon orange creates a burst of sweet and spice with the classic granny smith apple offering the balance of sour crisp fruity acid. Vibrant tart flavours of cranberry, liquorice notes of star anise and the pungent aroma of clove finish off this limited edition mix.  Merry Christmas to all!!
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    Blood Orange

    The ‘glitz & glamour’ citrus flavour as we like to call it, our blood orange only makes an appearance during a small window across late winter and early spring due to its seasonal availability. Our blood oranges are native of Sicily, smaller in size and softer to the touch when compared to their more commonly known sibling. Taste wise, they are sweeter with dark red berry notes of sour cherry and raspberry.
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